DIRTYBIRD CULTURE / by Faded Morgana


     Art is the crux of culture. How amazing it would be to create something that not only represents you and your team, but to have it resonate with strangers, to bring your culture to others, and to inspire them to create their own. We work our entire lives to create a legacy to leave behind and represent our cultures, whatever they may be, and we defend that legacy with an iron sword. We are creatures of a culture that we create. “Your vibe attracts your tribe” is the classic saying rattled down from hippy to yuppy, smiling and dancing through the night trying to distract themselves from “real life”. The truth is your vibe is something you created, harnessed and it exists in your reality, no matter how hard you try to run from it. That’s why it’s so important to have culture and a tribe, to have people you believe to be family. Thats why its so important to have people like Claude Von Stroke and his Dirtybird Players leaving their legacy behind. Dirtybird is so much more than a record label, or a concert, or a people. It’s a culture.
   Dirtybird started out throwing parties in the early 2000’s,  humble and heroic to the househeads of San Francisco looking to escape. But what they found was so much more than an escape, it was a family of like-minded creators and contributors who found home in each other. The brand has grown exponentially since then, being named the #1 electronic music label in the world last year and hosting its infamous Campout/BBQ parties at various locations throughout the nation, but that hasn’t stopped the all-star roster of music conductors and their fearless leader Claude Von Stroke from curating an authentic family-style atmosphere every year for their flagship DirtyBird Campout in October. The event has once again moved locations but this time it’s found it’s footing a little bit closer to home in the Modesto Resevoir Campgrounds.
  Unlike any festival you’ve ever been to, Campout provides an array of activities and delicious food as your favorite tunes are flared up and out of massive sound systems in a scenic camping paradise. The vibe is unparalleled, and it’s truly just one of those things everyone should take the time and save the money to experience in their lifetime. If all the literal fun and games aren’t enough for you, the powerhouse line-up featuring incredible performers like Chris Lake, Green Velvet, Sacha Robotti, Justin Martin, Shiba San, and the head honcho himself Mr. Claude Von Stroke (twice) at the Birdhouse Stage. In the Bass Lodge, the lineup STAYS wild with A-Trak, Eprom, The Martin Brothers and Yheti causing havoc.
   We’re excited to see everyone’s bright and shiny faces the first day of Campout (a day early if you decided to go ahead and get the Early Arrival ticket) and we can’t wait to hear the inevitably legendary performances that weekend. Tickets have already escalated in price since they first went on sale, but it’s not too late if you click the link here and snag a couple before it’s too late. See you at Dirtybird Campout, where we create our own culture. Can’t wait to be part of it with you.