Eder Rodriguez - Director

NAME: Eder Rodriguez
DOB: 06-01 -1995
Southern California
Twitter: @Eederout
Instagram: @Eederout

 Eder is a director out of Covina, CA and we think his work is VIBES. He's currently on the market to turn your scripts into a work of art, so check out his film reel below and hit him up. 

Eder Rodriguez Diretor / Writer / Producer Contact eder.rodriguez27@yahoo.com Song: "Movie Trailer Credits Intro": Composed by Tim McMorris Produced by King's Crown Productions

What got you into directing? Ever since I was little I had a knack for wanting to know how stuff worked. Watching Stuart Little 2 behind the scenes, after the credits haha. I saw how they made the rig that ziplines through Central Park and how they had to animate the mouths. The entire process was very intriguing to me. As a 10 year old, I would even animate movies with MS Paint frame by frame on Windows Movies Maker. 

Favorite Director? Gonzalez Inarritu, his best work is Amores Perros, it's the Mexican Pulp Fiction in non-linear story-telling. Check it out.