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We have so much more to see these days.

Thanks to modern technology there is so much more we have to see at our fingertips. So many artists all over the world create beautiful music, incredible poetry, amazing visual arts and so much more and deserve to be heard. One day, when I'm old and on my way out,  I hope I can show young people a collection of art the world was making throughout the years I was living in it. So, I'm doing just that. Every single day I'm going to post about someone making artwork, post a little about them, their work, etc. And it'll all be collected right here on Every day. And hopefully this website lives on and people can share it someday once we're all gone, and all our art can rise back up and be cherished forever, like it deserves to be. 

I want to feature your work! E-mail what you got at and I'll post it up here!