Lemon Dimension EP // Ocean Roulette by Faded Morgana


       Back again with a heavy dose of untz and an arsenal of awesome, spacey, dimensional sounds and samples is Jackson Collective Co-Founder, Ocean Roulette. His releases through Psycho Disco Records over the summer (his own inaugural EP and also a collaboration with Morelia on the Psych 101 Comp) left us craving more and we finally have our filling on this beautiful first week of Fall. Ocean’s Lemon Dimension EP finally hit streaming sites through Audiophile Records and it slaps from start to finish. The title track feels like something out of an old Sci-Fi movie, and it features that signature tech house sound we’ve come to love, expect and respect from the young LA-based producer. “Lemon Dimension” also features vocals from Madliibs, fellow Jackson Collective member and up and coming house DJ. The two have been friends for years and it’s great to hear her voice on the track, she does a great job and it really casts an eerie spell over the entire thing. The second track, 3colors, is my personal favorite. It goes hard and establishes that vibe that Ocean Roulette has built a reputation off of curating. The lyrics are pretty cool, too, delivering a pretty dark message with a deadpan tone which harkens back to Roulette’s original tagline: an ocean of emotion. Both tracks fly right out of your speakers and stick in your head for hours to days, and I can’t wait to hear them get dropped live at Minimal Effort Halloween in LA & Jackson Tree, Ocean’s next two big performances. Previews for the tracks can be found below, but be sure to check it out at Beatport. Happy listening!