The FREQS Come Out At Night / by Faded Morgana


LA is hot right now. LA is really fucking hot right now. The first of many scheduled stops on my visit to Southern California, I greeted a talented group of artists known as Low Freqs underneath the Skyway at Universal City Plaza at 8:45pm, and even that late I was sweating. The weather, of course, only half attributing to that. The other half being the heat served up on Low Freqs first EP, We Are Low Freqs Vol. 1. You see, I like to listen to some tracks from an artist on the way to taking their photo, it helps me map out a vibe for the shoot, and it was a huge pleasure doing so for this particular collective. I was pumped to meet the group who were reppin' their colors in full force, and I even got to listen to their new release a few days before it came out. 


   It’s been six months since Low Freqs graced us with their inaugural EP, and the second is here at last. In October, the LA-based collective will reach it’s one year mark, and the amount the group has achieved in such a short time is pretty impressive. Determined to bring the UK Bass & UKG sound to LA (where genres like Techno, Dubstep and Trap reign supreme — for the most part), The Freqs have certainly made a name for themselves in the underground bass scene. Bouncy, bass-stuffed bangers landing admits an impressive array of genres control the room at their events, and each DJ has branded themselves with a specific moniker and style that calls back to the roots of bass music. I got to listen to the EP before its release, and I kept it on repeat all day (LA Traffic made that easy). Here’s my run down of the EP, which is packed with bangers:


 Low Freqs Co-Founder and fellow member of the Jackson Collective (with releases worth noting on their end, like last years “Royal Penis” on Hello, My Name is Jackson Vol. 1), Candl had a lot going on the day of our photo shoot. Right afterward, he was supposed to start getting his set ready for his performance that night, closing out a sold out show headlined by Yellow Claw at LA’s new rave HQ, The Academy. Candl remains one of my favorite DJs in the scene, so I personally can’t wait to hear him throw down next with all these new Low Freqs tracks at his disposal. It was so exciting and fun to hear his new track, “Get Lit”, live (dropped by Jackson Collective Co-Founder Ocean Roulette during a MONSTER b2b with Morelia at Space Yacht in LA). The track is a Bass House banger, and like a Candl, it gets lit.
     Munz hits us with “2 The Party” with track 2 on We Are Low Freqs Vol. 2, and it welcomes this release back to that both fantastic & classic bass house vibe the Low Freqs built their empire on. Eerie synths and a fun hook make this classic drop so fresh and fun, definitely a keeper for us househeads. In the next track, MONSTA B & VIRGIL dish out “Bitches” which goes hard from the second it starts. It’s got this awesome synth ringing in the background that only ends up being silenced by an awesome drop. The drop serves up this incredible bassline that’s both thick & melodic and I love it. This is one of the stand out tracks on the release, in my opinion. But it’s so hard to say, when each track is so fire. 
    This brings us to the next track on We Are Low Freqs Vol. 2: Kalipzo’s “Freak” has Faded Morgana’s pick for hottest track dropped in August so far. This song is awesome, the sound design is awesome, the tone of the song perfectly encompasses what Low Freqs are trying to dish out to the public, I think, and that’s awesome, and it’s remnant of the early underground bass scene, while remaining unique. I love this track. I love the energy. It’s exciting, fun, and just flat out cool. Every single track on this EP is fire, but this one is just a personal favorite. 
    Low Freqs other Co-Founder was unfortunately absent from our photo shoot, but he certainly is NOT absent from this new EP. Melay has served up some heat in the last year, even destroyed a few crowds for us at various Faded Morgana events in LA, and his newest addition to his discography, “Hot & Dangerous” features my favorite sample on the EP, keeping in character with what we’ve come to expect from the LA-based bass producer/DJ. It’s a fun track with some great melodies and synths that you’re gonna wanna add to your queue. 


    All this amazing energy certainly doesn’t leave us on the next track, Spetznah’s “Thinkin’ About You”, with it’s titular hook that catches attention and gets caught in your head for hours (seriously, hummed the tune of that sample for the next 2 hours… Damn you Spetznah). Along with a catchy sample, the drop is so fun and satisfying after that exciting build up, it’s definitely geared up to be a crowd favorite. 
   The EP keeps goin’ off hitting all the right moods, picking up especially where the last volume left off on in the form of Famburglar’s “Pump It Low”. The track was the first I heard,  its just the kind of fun energy you want, and it’s honestly a perfect prefix to the rest of the tracks on this release. It really prepared me for the quality standard this Low Freq and his brothers and sisters bring to this particular EP. I LOVE the energy in this track, and I can’t wait to hear it get dropped live.
   “Alfie” is Producer/DJ SKONKA’s contribution to the EP, and it’s one of my favorites. It closes the EP out in a great way: It’s just fun from beginning to end, simple as that. The sound design is dope, the mix is professionally handled and I wanna dance the second the track starts.  Mission accomplished, Skonka. I’m feelin’ this track so hard that I’ve added this track to my routine party playlist on Soundcloud. It’s another great bass house contribution from the Collective. 


  In conclusion, This release is MASSIVE. Each track slaps. So many different styles of production, bass, and genres of music are mixed together here for a great time that spans a solid 8 tracks and you’re never left feeling bored or overwhelmed, mistakes often made in this scene. The EP was released on Tuesday, August 7th, and today on Friday, August 10th, Two of the tracks (Get Lit - Candl & Pump It Up - Famburglar) have already charted in Soundcloud's Hypeedit Top 100 Breaks Chart in the TOP 20! Low Freqs are growing quickly, and they're not a Collective you're going to want to sleep on. Each of their respective shows and sets are full of energy, talent, love, and fun times, and the Collective as a whole hosts an impressive collection of talent from LA to Brazil. I have faith that in one year, we'll be hearing even more big news from this group, each individually and as a Collective. Their next show is to be announced soon, but in the meantime, you can grab a FREE copy of this EP at this link. 

Stay Freaky, my friends. 



TK ViciousLiveWire - Kalipzo - Camilla Fabb - Candl - Skairippa


IamphantvmMelay - Chrome.Mami - Famburglar